Financial Advisor Losangle City

Financial Advisor Losangle City

About Us

Giano Capital was set up in the fall of 2020 to invest in growth stage secondary opportunities of private companies in the technology sector in North America and Europe. We hear more and more of private technology companies and their mega funding rounds in the media. This has been caused by the increasing amount of money invested in private markets (e.g. venture capital and private equity) in a very low interest rates environment in which investors are constantly hunting for yield. It has fuelled tech startups to stay private longer prior to their IPO (average of 10 years in 2020 vs 6 years in 1982) and allowing them to become much larger companies. As of today, there are more than 300 Unicorn companies (valuation 1 bn+) and over 500 which are worth more than USD 700 m in North America and Europe. This has created a need for liquidity among founders, early employees and early-stage investors.


A secondary transaction occurs when an investor purchases warrants / options / shares or any other form of current or future ownership of a stake in a private company (meaning not publicly traded) from holders of such securities. In most cases this would be a founder, early employees, ex-employees, or early investors in the business. Giano will provide liquidity to these shareholders through secondary transactions by leveraging its international network of advisors, entrepreneurs, startups, venture capital investors and its inhouse research to get access to the next champions in the “Innovation Economy” space.

Founding Partners

Alberto Chalon

Alberto is a passionate operator in tech companies and has an impressive track record as an investor in both primary and secondary at different stages, through over 15 transactions in North America and Europe. Founding Partner of Invictus Capital, he was also selected as the first “business angel” in Italy by European Angels Fund founded by European Investment Fund and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. He was certified by the EIF as a Super Angel, who match 1:1 all his investments. He is also the co-founder of the European Search Engine Qwant and the former CEO and co-founder of The Corner Group.

As a well-known entrepreneur and investor, he brings significant operational experience, having led successfully several companies which have provided Alberto the clear understanding on the levers driving the growth potential of tech companies.

Alberto brings a 360 degrees experience to Giano to validate business models, valuations and the legal context.

Track Record

Successfully completed over 30 transactions in the private markets space