About Us

Giano was set up in the fall of 2020 to invest in growth stage secondary opportunities of private companies in the technology sector in North America and Europe.

We hear more and more of private technology companies and their mega funding rounds in the media. This has been caused by the increasing amount of money invested in private markets (e.g. venture capital and private equity) in a very low interest rates environment in which investors are constantly hunting for yield. It has fuelled tech startups to stay private longer prior to their IPO (average of 10 years in 2020 vs 6 years in 1982) and allowing them to become much larger companies. As of today, there are more than 300 Unicorn companies (valuation 1 bn+) and over 500 which are worth more than USD 700 m in North America and Europe. This has created a need for liquidity among founders, early employees, and early-stage investors.

Giano will provide liquidity to these shareholders through secondary transactions by leveraging its international network of advisors, entrepreneurs, startups, venture capital investors and its inhouse research to get access to the next champions in “Innovation Economy” space.